The Vision and Purpose of UniversityofMasters.com was founded on the principles of fulfilling a need for Master Teachers to teach and for information Seekers to find.

We have arrived at a major shift in human transformation and evolution. It is imperative that “those in the Know” ignite the positive spark for immediate and dramatic change in the course of worldly ways.

It is estimated that there are at least 6.5 million of us in need of a place to gather in purposeful activity to accomplish accelerated results in the areas of personal and professional growth.

Master Teachers are committed to Excellence; Providing Methods and Support for members to Succeed in all Their Endeavors.
It is vital that passionate movers and shakers and lovers of life arrive at their destination. Because of the magnitude of their life quest, it is our objective to assist Members and Teachers with all their needs so they arrive on top both personally and professionally.

There is no turning back. Together we have set forth an intention of world healing. We expect to live in a world where all peoples are abundant in food, and health with peaceful interaction. Prosperity begins with Us. It would serve no possible good for any of you to suffer lack or despair in any area of your life. When your life is fruitful you have the means to make things happen with effortless ease. The Master Teachers are in agreement to facilitate that end.

The Seekers who join with us are destined to accomplish Greatness. Our Members are the kind of people who have always believed “There has got to be a better way to run a planet”.

Members and Teachers come together to Create a more Prosperous, Enlightened and Healthy World.

Because of the magnitude of our undertaking and the single mindedness of Purpose, We are certain beyond any doubt that the classes, services and products that we offer are so extraordinary, the concept of doubt simply is not included in our business plan.

We are on a Journey that We were destined to take together.