Practice Prosperity Daily

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Practice Prosperity Daily and Witness Wealth
It is time to remind you all of the importance and meaningful results
of attention to your “Prosperity Journal”.
It only takes a moment to let the Universe know what you want.
Here is the formula and a gentle reminder.
1. Gather up a journal or notebook that you love touching and looking into.
2.  Choose a time each day to record your intentions.
3.  Keep every statement in “present” tense (for example): I am attracting $500 each day
or I earn  $500 each day.  Always put the amount you want and then let it go with love and trust.
I promise you as you write that amount each day it must eventually show up.
The greater your gratitude and bigger your “why” the sooner the money will show up in real time.
4.  Keep it simple and short.  You can abreviate words and draw pictures if it helps you.
Some things you will want to repeat a few times until you can feel the energy of your dream.
5.  Include affirmations on all areas of desire, from wealth, health, relationships, and current projects.
6.  The house I live in now was the house I described in my journal every day for six months.
My previous house sold exactly when I stated that it would.
Let me know if you need any help with this.
It is so very essential to your visualization process.
And so it is…….